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Junior Achievement Program Supplements

The following supplements are available to JA Areas, teachers, volunteers and parents for use with all JA programming to extend and enhance the JA experience for students. These supplements provide students with additional information, learning opportunities, and experiences that support their understanding of JA's curriculum.

Economic Investigations

Economic Investigations image Junior Achievement, in cooperation with the Social Science Education Consortium, has developed 12 "Economic Investigations" designed to help High School students achieve a deeper understanding of current economic issues.

View Supplement Economic Investigations

Excellence Through Ethics

Excellence Through Ethics image This program supplement contains lessons focusing specifically on decision-making, business ethics vs. personal ethics, and facing difficult decisions with honor, among others.

View Supplement Excellence Through Ethics

JA Access Your Future

JA Access Your Future image JA Access Your Future is an app that helps teens, their parents and teachers break down the cost of achieving young people's career goals into real, easy-to-understand numbers.

View Supplement JA Access Your Future

JA Assembling Your Career

JA Assembling Your Career image JA Assembling Your Career helps provide middle school and high school students with practical information about STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - careers and ways students can prepare for these careers while still in school.

View Supplement JA Assembling Your Career

JA Build Your Future

JA Build Your Future image JA Build Your Future is a tool that helps teens, their parents and teachers break down the cost of achieving young people’s goals into real, usable numbers.

View Supplement JA Build Your Future

JA Connect

JA Connect image JA Connect Learning Pathways is Junior Achievement’s first self-guided student experience, featuring a flexible, modular repository of activities related to work and career readiness.

View Supplement JA Connect

JA Influencer

JA Influencer image JA Influencer is a resource for educators to discuss topical subjects on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship with students. Designed with high school students in mind, the JA Influencer white paper and discussion guide dive into current events to prompt conversation and learning.

View Supplement JA Influencer

JA Searching for Savings

JA Searching for Savings image JA Searching for Savings is a supplemental activity that seeks to help middle grades students see the value in online tools that help save money. Following participation in the supplement, students will be able to decipher the value of coupons in an overall budget.

View Supplement JA Searching for Savings

JA Teen Budgeting Income and Spending Worksheets

JA Teen Budgeting Income and Spending Worksheets image The Junior Achievement Budget Sheet provides students with the opportunity to track their income and spending throughout the month.

Students are also encouraged to share their long-term and short-term goals in order to budget for the future.

View Supplement JA Teen Budgeting Income and Spending Worksheets

Junior Achievement $ave, USA

Junior Achievement $ave, USA image We know it can be tough to speak to or teach your kids about money-management issues. We hope that you find these lessons helpful with those conversations!

View Supplement Junior Achievement $ave, USA

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